www.CraigTraffordEFT.Com Covid 19 Safety & Data Protection Declaration Form 1/9/2020 Covid 19 Safety Policy

COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Policy

As a Registered member of EFT International and the Edu-Kinesiology Trust it has always been fundamental for Craig Trafford EFT to adhere to high hygiene standards. This policy is designed to implement guidelines instituted by the UK Government and relevant practitioner bodies throughout the UK as their assertions on how to keep both practitioner and clients safe while making it possible to continue treatments under the current climate. It is based on the latest UK government guidelines for England.

Some clients prefer fact-to-face appointments so this policy relates to those specific instances.

Before Client Arrives

Where possible consultation forms will be sent via email prior to initial appointment. New clients will be asked to complete, sign and email the form back to the practitioner.

Please know that your practitioner will be evaluating the same set of questions as on the form below. If the answer to any of the questions is yes you will be contacted immediately.
Under the track and trace guidelines, anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace to discuss their recent interactions. Please inform Craig Trafford EFT if, within 14 days after your appointment, you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace or if indeed you or someone you have been in contact with receives a positive test result for Covid-19. 
Privacy and Data Regulations

Under GDPR regulations Craig Trafford EFT requires your consent to pass on your details to the NHS Test and Trace if required. All new clients sign a Data Protection declaration before their initial consultation. This declaration states that all your information is private and confidential. It also states the specific occasions when your data may need to be shared for the health and safety of you as a client or under government regulations (see privacy policy). For the purpose of track and trace this would be your name, contact phone number and the date of your appointment.

Once Client Arrives

Appointments will be staggered to ensure no client/client contact.
Adequate time will be left between all appointments for the necessary cleaning of facilities. All usual touch points will be fully cleaned and the treatment room and toilet will be fully aired between appointments.

info@craigtrafford.com 07912 089231
Trafford House Calm Centre, 75 Jamaica Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 1TX

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www.CraigTraffordEFT.Com Covid 19 Safety & Data Protection Declaration Form 1/9/2020


All efforts will be made to ensure treatment times do not run over. This allows the necessary time between clients for the practitioner to sanitise all areas.
Unless surrogate testing is necessary or children are attending with a parent/guardian, clients will be asked to always arrive alone. No waiting areas will be available for family members whilst treatments are in progress. [If it is essential that you are accompanied, please contact Craig Trafford EFT to make suitable arrangements beforehand].

Hand sanitiser is available at the treatment room for clients to sanitise their hands on arrival. Clients will be asked to remove their shoes at the front entrance.
Gift cards, leaflets & aftercare treatment slips will be via email where at all possible.

If you are testing for tolerance to foods and/or substances, please bring your own very small samples as these will not be provided in the therapy centre.

It is recommended that the practitioner wear gloves, an apron (or change clothes between clients), a mask or a visor. Gloves make kinesiology incredibly difficult (arguably impossible) to carry out effectively. Thorough hand washing between clients is standard practice. Clothes are changed between clients. A mask will be available for the practitioner to wear but total ‘protection’ can’t ever be guaranteed. Please contact your practitioner to discuss any requests you have regarding PPE.
If you as the client wish to wear a mask please ensure you bring it to your appointment with you. 
Fresh drinking water is highly recommended before, during and after treatments. Please bring your own water bottle with you.
The toilet will have a supply of disposable paper towels for hand drying.
There are many occasions where your practitioner will need to work on and around your head. A mask can be worn during this or if you prefer your practitioner to work away from your head please discuss on arrival.
Please bring your own pashmina or light blanket with you as we cannot provide these.


Your health and safety is of paramount importance and this is why this policy has been compiled. It is important that you are able to enjoy the fullest experience of Kinesiology, EFT, Energy Medicine and their vast benefits.
I look forward to seeing you very soon.

Craig Trafford
Reg’d Kinesiology Consultant, Certified Stress Mg. Tr. Reg’d Advanced EFT International Practitioner,

07912 089231
Trafford House Calm Centre, 75 Jamaica Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 1TX



www.CraigTraffordEFT.Com Covid 19 Safety & Data Protection Declaration Form 1/9/2020 Please answer all questions honestly and clearly. [All commentary within brackets is my own musings for entertainment and educational purposes only and may be completely ignored if you so wish. Please simply answer the bold questions.]


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                                                    Please answer     Y    /   N    to these  bolded questions

In the last 7 days before your appointment have you or any individual attending with you;

1 Had a high temperature or been hot to touch on your chest and/or back?  Y / N
[not sure how to define high temperature for you, but a firend of mine went for a haircut and he witnessed a man who’d been queueing in the sunshine turned away because of high temperature – the sun was on his flipping forehead! Likelihood is he did not have any virus – that still hasn’t been properly identified as we speak on Oct 1st 2020, nor has a proper identifying test been created that tests for anything other than genetic material. If we go deep enough in these tests we will find genetic material in human beings from woolly mammoths, Napoloeon’s pee and alpha centauri – it’s obvious isn’t it? These ‘covid’ tests look for evidence of genetic material then go as deep as they can in order to find it. This doesn’t mean you have a Sars Covid 2 virus. It means you are sharing some genetic material with something. If we dig deeply enough we will discover we are sharing genetic material with virtually every bacteria, virus and other being on planet Earth. It’s obvious someone is playing around with our thinking isn’t it?]     page3image55866112

had a new continuous cough or any other new symptoms of feeling  unwell?  Y / N

 [perhaps you’ve got a cough but you’ll have to check it’s not a ‘covid’ cough. Again, not sure how to define that one for you yet.]

lost sensation of taste and/or smell?  Y / N

been in contact (under 2.13472 meters) with anyone with a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis or someone exhibiting the above 3 symptoms in the last 14 days? Y/N

[you can only answer this if you know for sure that you have. Be certain to keep your tape measure with you at all times]

travelled abroad and/or been instructed by the government to quarantine?  Y/N
[even though many of the ‘rules’ of ‘quarantine or isolation’ may have little basis in rationality and even reality. – knowing that the more ‘tests’ are taken the more ‘cases’ there will be – it’s obvious isn’t it? The ‘R’ number can never actually go down so long as the number of these kind of tests increase.  Do you think we’re stoopid? Probably. Answer the question please.

6   fall under the clinically/extremely vulnerable category?  Y/N

[Even if you do, these ‘order-givers’ don’t actually give a monkey’s cuss about you or your granny, no matter what their words tell you. Check the fruits of their actions – more people are dying from the ‘lockdowns’ than any so-called “Covid19” ‘virus’. Question everything.]

7  live with someone who is in the clinically/extremely vulnerable category? Y/N

 [It’s important to care for our loved ones by using our own common sense, intuition, love, knowledge, compassion and skills. These are not qualities enjoyed by the parasitical ‘elites’ amongst us (or ‘above’ us as they like to think.)]

8  Have been instructed by the government or NHS to self-isolate for any reason? Y/N

 [These reasons will increase in number, oddness and irrationality as we travel this path together. Propaganda can be like that. You’ll just have to think things over and work things out for yourself. You can do this in discussions with others too. Some countries have used lockdowns and some haven’t. There is simply no proof whatsoever that this tactic has worked to ‘control proliferation of a virus as far as I can see. It’s simply caused economical and social destruction and devastation all over the world.’


Thank you for answering the questions and remember you do not have to indulge my musings. They are simply musings. They are written in order to help you to reflect on the rationality or irrationality of everything you are being told at the moment. I consider this essential to examine in order to maintain your rational wellbeing and mental health in good state.page3image55854976

page3image55863616 If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, please contact Craig Trafford 07912 089231 ASAP as your appointment will need to be cancelled and new arrangements made.

Data Protection

Please read Craig Trafford EFT Privacy Policy here: https://www.craigtraffordeft.com/privacy- policy.html

Please sign below to indicate you have read and understand this Privacy Policy and the Data Protection declaration and that you are happy to go ahead with sessions on that basis.

I, Name ________________________________________________ have read and understand the Data Protection / Privacy Policy as explained above and agree with and to abide by the terms and conditions therein.

Contact Phone Number:______________________________________

Date of appointment:__________________________________

info@craigtrafford.com 07912 089231
Trafford House Calm Centre, 75 Jamaica Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 1TX

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